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Earn & Share Affiliate Program

Each member can register to join the affiliate. Each member can be accessed through its own network platform to promote the site and recruiting members. If you recruit members to bet more, the bonus commission level will be higher. Yes, it is very simple to make money.

Methods & Bonus Commission Calculation

Registered members can contact our customer service agent to register ID for affiliate. Customer service agent will provide you a login address, user id, password. You can log in and copy the reference link to share to all social media. Members can use the sharing tools to promote the website. The sharing medium are: -

Facebook, blogs, micro blogging, QQ, Wechat, Whatsapp, e-mail, forums, websites, SMS, etc.

Registered members by promoting links will automatically become a lifetime up line member of your downline, you can enjoy the dividends of lifetime commission.

Members are recruited to the total earnings of all members of one week, the system will calculate the bonus commission level (%) for members to earn.

Downline dividend commission will be credited every 1st of Month at noon 2pm (+8) to upline account.

Sportsbook / Casino / Slot Games

Sportsbook / Casino / Slot Games 
Monthly Total Nett Profit Commission Every Month's number active member Payout Date
0 ~ 19999 10% minimum 5 1st of the month
20000 ~ 299999 35% minimum 5 1st of the month
Next 300000+ 45% minimum 5 1st of the month


Total win is deduct before calculating the bonus commission. Up line entitle the commission is based on downline loses amount.

Example: Company total win = total win - bonus

total win 120000

bonus 20000

(120000-20000) * 35% = 35000 (commission)


When a member fails to participate fully comply join or violation or abuse of any offers or promotions of the company regulations, or we have any evidence that there are any groups or individuals associated with the investment under a series of bets, in order to cause no matter how you can ensure Results benefit from the preferential dividend or other promotional activities, we reserve the right to stop this groups or individuals or cancel offers or discounts reclaim paid dividends. In addition, the company also reserves the right to deduct these customer’s preferential dividend equivalent value of the administrative costs to compensate for our administrative costs.