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Cockfighting Requirements
[ 24-11-2018 ]

Cockfighting Requirements

Cockfighting requirements

Cockfighting has strict requirements on features and fighting skills. Good cockfighting, the appearance of the required strength, physical fitness, their pedigree and fighting performance are both fastidious and strict standards, which is completely different from other kinds of chickens.

Disposition -- Requires that the cockfighting be aggressive in all circumstances, especially in the back court (the final stage of the battle) and the crouching chicken should be fought, the stump (when both sides fight to the point of exhaustion) should lie down and not go, preferring to die, and still have to fight to the last breath. there should be no retrogression in attack, no half - heartedness in attack, and no resolute initiative in attack.

Skeleton - According to the special character and combat needs of the fighting cock, its skeleton must be solid, the length of the bones in each part, the thickness and proportion of the weight, too long and thin or short, are not conducive to combat.

Size -- The chest of a cockfighting game should be broad, the feathers should be compact, and the frame should be neat, so the expert who feeds the cockfighting has a catchphrase: The small head frame, the thin leg string crawls the claw. and to choose the body type of a chicken. The size of crab-covered and jujube-stoned bodies is undesirable.

Body Weight -- The weight of a cock fighting cock is generally divided into three grades, the body weight of a large fighting cock is about 4kg and the medium is about 3.5kg, the cock fighting cock is about 3kg, the cock fighting cock has about 5kg, because the body is heavy, the action is slow, not conducive to fighting, so the very large cock fighting cock few people feed. The female fighting cock is smaller than the male fighting cock, the larger female fighting cock is more than 3.5kg, the medium female fighting cock is about 3kg, and the smaller female fighting cock is 2.5-3kg.

Coat colour --- Cockfighting enthusiasts, is very particular about the feather colour of cockfighting. In general, they prefer with the blue, red, purple, for the colour. Bluish black hairiness, the surface has a bluish green light, the undercoat is white sand tail. The back of the neck is red hair, group hair is greyish brown, tail is black or with white sand tail, red chicken after the villi of shell is white, so fans often call red fighting chicken white velvet. Purple is deep red or black red on the back of the neck, there are two kinds of blue and white velvety feathers. Cockfighting experts often say: only feed the green, red, purple, but not white, persimmon flower hair.

rooster chicken fight war

Head - Relatively speaking, the small face is thin and delicate, the earrings should be small and not heavy, the forehead should be broad, the eye socket should be deep and large, the crown should be small and upright, the features should be well-balanced. The mouth shape requirement is both thick straight and long sharp, the big bow shape mouth is bad, the mouth wants sharp and the advantage is better. Too long is too small (commonly known as a bamboo sticker) not desirable. Tip of the mouth to be pure, generally only yellow and white, adult cockfighting colour cannot have black. The alae of the nose should be fanned and the nostrils should be large and long.

Eye colour -- very particular about cross-eye, general white, yellow, red, and they take pure white as the top grade. Their eyes must be sharp, deep and small.

Crown - generally divided into the top and crown two categories. Flat top, also known as the top, the top has narrow side, wide face, goose top, persimmon crown; The corolla also has the warped corolla, the small corolla, the big corolla. In accordance with the requirements of battle, the small is better.

Leg Claw - The leg divides the thigh and the leg. Thigh and leg of the bending of the big, commonly known as the bending of the thigh, bounce strong. And the thigh is to be thick, and the leg to be thin, and the flesh to be on the thigh, and the leg to be covered with bones, and not to have any flesh. The claw should be large, thin, dry, long, and the angle between the toes should be large, the so-called cross-legged crawler, and the claw with small pitch forks should not be bent to the claw of the large cross-legged claw. The small paws should be extended back so that they can stand firmly.